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Homeopathy Process

Usually visiting a homeopathic consultation for the first time can be an awkward experience for some of you as sometimes the homeopath may ask you even those questions that may seem irrelevant and out of context to the condition, But, here we would like to recommend you to be patient, as inherent to the unique powers of homeopathy to show their full effect, any question a homeopath asks is absolutely relevant and necessary to Advise.

Depending upon the severity of your issues, the length and the number of consultations may vary.

For your visit to be fruitful, what a homeopath may require from you is your full participation and willingness to provide detailed and accurate information for every question he may ask.

Some of the common questions include data like previous conditions, diet, lifestyle, weather effects, temperament, personality, sensitivity to allergies and various other modalities linked to them.

When you book your visit with us, it may take approximately one to one and a half hours. Often, one may need a consultation  or 2. However, for a few other cases, we may advise a regular follow up plan.

We keep follow-up visits approximately two to four weeks after the first consultation. Sometimes, depending on the situation, our homeopath may change your preparations by either adding more or removing/changing the one already in use. This is perfectly normal and is done to help find the right fit for you.

Health funds: Most private health funds in Australia cover for Homeopathic Consultations and/or Preparations. Please refer to your policy to see if you are covered and how to claim.

Health funds usually accept valid receipts from Registered Homeopathic Practitioners, who are registered by AROH.

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