Alternative Medicine Practitioner

Alternative Medicine Practitioner

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Unlike many others who choose western medicine as their vocation, there are several you have an inherent desire to serve people naturally. This makes them choose professions like naturopathy, homeopathy, Ayurveda, acupuncture, aromatherapy, etc.

It is until only recently when these natural healing systems are gaining rapid momentum where earlier they were denounced as outdated and slow paced.

These natural healing systems  involve any healing therapies or  natural healing practices “that do not sit within the scope of conventional medical practices”

As opposed to symptoms, these therapies attempt to treat the patient itself.

Due to these ancient healing professions gaining a sudden surge, it is emerging as a respectable profession where a practitioner feels more satisfied to prescribe a patient, not with high dose chemical drugs but instead raising his natural healing abilities.


Some qualities of an alternative medicine practitioner


  • A desire to help humanity
  • Good communication skills
  • A good observer
  • Compassionate


The healing practice of using alternative medicines has been able to subdue conventional medical forms. The eternal consciousness for complete health wellness and survival has empowered the creation of many alternative medical therapies. Natural healing therapies have grown considerably and created multitudes of different healing measures to aid in curing the increasing number of terrible illnesses plaguing modern society today.


Categorical classifications of alternative medicines are mentioned here


  • Therapies related to Biology
  • Therapies related to Energy
  • Systems of Alternative Medicine
  • Body-based and manipulation type therapies
  • Techniques of mind and body


Natural alternative medicines can be used in place of conventional medical systems. Here is a good example of alternative medicine in practice i.e. Instead of invasive radiation and chemotherapy, or radical surgery to attack malignant conditions, a homeopath might prescribe natural remedies and a specialized diet for a patient.

Homeopaths have been utilizing homeopathic remedies for a few centuries now promoting natural health and wellness.

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Alternative Medicine Practitioner