How Does Homeopathy Work?



How does homeopathy work for me?

 A HOMEOPATH will write down a very detailed history from the patient in order to ascertain an overall symptomatic picture. The homeopath will seek to know your mental state and precisely how the symptoms have come to be and what causes the symptoms to be better or worse in the patient. Once a homeopath has gathered a complete picture, the homeopath will then match your symptoms to the best remedy. You can simply pick up the phone to get a quick prescription for a simple acute problem.

All good things take time as they say and homeopathy is no exception to the rule. It will usually take at least a month for your homeopath to review the effectiveness of your remedy. Sometimes during this time there may be new aggravation or healing crisis, do not worry quite often this indicates the homeopathic remedy  is taking effect.

 Often a homeopathic remedy or remedies need to be altered a few times during the period of treatment. If you are looking for advice on a chronic condition this is also common. Allow for a six month term to pass by before deciding whether a homeopathic remedy is the right thing for you.

 Usually the remedy may need altering or tweaking during your illness, this is normal and means the homeopath is just refining the remedy as they target closer to the source.

 Everything around us is energy of one form or another and your homeopath believes that they must find the ‘vibration pattern’ of the illness before the remedy asserts itself. Modern medicine seeks the chemical context.  The vital force is then stimulated. The vital force is within us all, all the time, it fires the mind, the body and our emotions, when an imbalance is established usually by factors like stress, a bad diet, lack of exercise and other polluting factors which cause to become ill and imbalanced.

Homeopathy has been proven effectively on us for both chronic and acute conditions for nearly two centuries now. Homeopathy tries to heal the problem from the very roots and establishes a harmonic balance. You can visit your local homeopath with your existing signs and symptoms, there is no need to wait for diagnostic tests to arrive back in order to start a treatment. Your health will be better for it as homeopathy gives you long lasting benefits.


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