Homeopathy for Exam Stress

Exam times again-at this time of the year I get busy with students who come to me for stress and anxiety related problems associated with exams.

Normally a definite amount of stress and anxiety may push them to excel and achieve best results but sometimes it may extend beyond and add to panic and exam nerves leading to a downward spiral in their academic life.

In time this stress further weakens the immune system making their body more susceptible to other illnesses that can caught their body when least expected and especially during the exams.

While it is natural to get anxiety and stress when the level of preparation is low but sometimes I also see students who feel overwhelming even though their preparation level is acceptable.

But nevertheless, homeopathy provides suitable medicines for each specific exam need. A personalized consultation with a homeopath is all that you need to discern what prescription will suit your context of exam nerve.

Exam nerve might constitute different meanings to different students. For example, one student might get exam nerve for forgetting all that he studied while other may feel panic and so on.

Thus, there are a range of problems for which they want a solution.

Whether its anxiety before or during the exam, inability to focus long hours during exam preparation, dilemma of future, career confusion stress, fear of failing, overly high expectations  from self – homeopathy serves as a natural stress relief for all.

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Here is a general outline of what homeopathy can do for you to relieve exam stress in students

  • Calming yourself on exam day
  • Achieving good health
  • Concentration issues
  • To raise motivation


Also, I have listed some exam stress management techniques which can go alongside a homeopathic treatment to relieve you of exam stress symptoms

During consultation, we not only look to the outside symptoms, we also see what effect this exam stress is causing on mental and emotional level.Thus a student is able to achieve an overall  state of well-being.

Added with homeopathic remedies , there are certain lifestyle , diet , and habit changes I prescribe which boosts up the effect of homeopathic treatment.

So here are the tips I give to students on how to reduce exam fear?

Healthy food

It is very necessary for parents to give their child a healthy and well-balanced diet to make them perform well in exams.

Saturated fats such as coconut oil and cod liver oil serves very well while high fat, high sugar and caffeine items should be avoided.

Also, it is necessary to keep your body hydrated by drinking water at frequent intervals/

Lastly, a healthy diet is incomplete without fresh fruits and vegetables.

A good sleep schedule

Generally, 8-10 hours of sleep is recommended for students as this helps to improve their memory and concentration.

A good sleep helps to let them perform to their full potential during exams.


Though it is difficult to take time out for exercise during exams, but even a few minutes of exercise help boost energy levels and relieve stress.

There is a wide list of homeopathic remedies listed below which can suit to your specific exam needs such as

Nux vomica

This remedy is suggested when the person wakes up between 3 am to 5 am and finds it hard to sleep again.

He may also face irritability, heartburn and indigestion. It is prescribed to students who revise last minute during their exams


Feel anxiety, panic and dread. Prescribed to students who face upset stomach before the exam.

Kali Phos

Serve as an excellent nerve nutrient. When the student is exhausted physically , mentally and emotionally due to exam stress, worry or overwork.


Such students dread and fear even from the simple things. Some of the common symptoms include-feeling withdrawn,inability to think, are apathetic, drowsiness, restlessness and so on.

Argentum nitricum

Such students are always in hurry as they fear missing deadlines.


Prescribed to students who are hardworking and face low self confidence. The They tend to miss words and letters while reading and speaking.

The above remedies have proven to be very effective in relieving the exam stress and its associated concerns. If the remedies are not showing their effect, it is more likely that you have not undergone a proper consultation. Thereby it is very necessary to consult an experienced homeopath.

Note: Before taking these remedies , please consult a qualified homeopath. Even though they may directly relate to your symptom but a homeopath can tell the best combination so that each remedy perform to its maximum effect.


If you still have any doubts, concerns or would like to know more about how homeopathy is successful in treating exam nerves, drop me a message at  info@RChomeopathy.com.au and I will get back to you soon.