Constipation results when one cannot pass stools naturally. Constipation leads to an overworked renal system kidneys. If one suffers from chronic constipation, it means that his entire body is toxic because the longer stools remain in the colon, the more they absorb water from it. This hardens the stools, rendering it difficult to pass through naturally. As the buildup of bacteria and toxins increase in the colon, they enter the cells and pollute them.

With tried and tested homeopathic medicine, bowel functioning can be regulated and The homeopathic goal is to regulate the bowels back to normal function and the toxic cells can be detoxified. Some of the most highly used homeopathic drugs for constipation are:

Natural remedies for constipation: More and more people prefer the gentle but holistic system of medicine that homeopathy is. It is also non-toxic and is customized to suit an individual’s specific symptoms. Homeopathic remedies are also safe and have no side-effects. Some of the best natural remedies for constipation are:

Nux Vomica: If you are nervous, hypersensitive, and suffer from stomach cramps, flatulence or spasmodic constipation, your doctor will prescribe Nux Vomica for relief.

Lycopodium: For children suffering from constipation, Lycopodium can be safely given. Among adults, it can be given to those who suffer from a bloated feeling after a heavy meal. The symptoms of constipation can be relieved by having a warm drink.

Argentum Nitricum: If you have taken an overdose of laxatives, or suffer from heartburn or dyspepsia, this homeo drug can set you right.

Bryonia: This natural medicine is good for constipation due to indigestion accompanied by dryness in the rectum and dry stools that don’t leave the body smoothly, giving pain to the individual. The patient may be tense due to other worries and irritable.

Graphites: Graphites are prescribed to patients who have stools that look like small balls stuck together by mucus. There’s pain in the anus after a bowel. Such patients are not alert in the morning, are fat and often suffer from eczema.

Sulfur: If you have dry and hard stools with inflammation in the anus, coupled with flatulence, sulfur will be prescribed to you. Diarrhea may also be accompanied by constipation. Patients needing sulfur sit in a slouching posture, are untidy and have unique ideas.

These are some of the safe and time-tested natural remedies for constipation that your homeopath will prescribe in cases of constipation.