Homeopathy For Emotional Healing

So many people today have repressed emotions. These emotions don’t let them enjoy the bright side of  life.

As a result, I see so many patients  coming for consultation having stress, anxiety and depression issues.

In my homeopathic practice, I have realized that most of the times the origin is due to some past unresolved emotion that layers up to more annoying emotions and ultimately leading to their physical manifestation as a symptom.

So as a homeopathy practitioner, my first effort is to treat those unresolved layers to help them move up the emotional scale for better feeling emotions. Yes, patience and support is required from the patient during the entire process as homeopathic remedies stimulate the vital  force for healing. The patient is soon able to let go and express the stuck emotions.

As vital force starts functioning normal again, we reach our goal. From thereon, the healing is self stimulated and I have myself seen patients getting even those symptoms resolved which they have not even mentioned during the consultation.

What happen when you leave these emotions untreated?

Homeopathy for emotional and mental well-being

When you have stuck emotions, you are more likely to under perform at your workplace, relationships and health.

For instance when you are stressful, you tend to eat more of unhealthy/junk food.   This is why there is a high rise in obesity all around the globe.

What we think of just as a mental pattern can subtly and slowly become potent and manifest as a physical symptom if not resolved in time.

Every being has a vital force which functions to the optimum when the person enjoys elevated states of emotion.

But as a person develops shocks, traumas, bereavement, grief -it is more likely that  he may develop a stuck emotion inside.

The major mistake  one can make at this time is to take suppressive treatments which deal only with the outer symptoms not the root cause.

If not resolved or expressed, in time these emotions may affect your relationships, work , and creativity abilities.

This further can lead you to a continuous downward spiral if not treated from inside out through alternative medicine such as homeopathy.

Surely, if you prefer conventional treatments you can get instant relief from the outside  symptoms. But, the conventional pharma is not in any way designed to work with inner emotions.

In fact, it creates a dependency loop whereby the symptom become more potent in time affecting other organs and body functions.

But there are natural treatments such as homeopathy which works with your body through all natural, non-addictive and non-intrusive methods.

By prescribing homeopathic medicines, a homeopath matches your own unique symptoms to the remedies.This stimulates your natural vital force to get stimulated for self-healing to take place.

Consult a well trained homeopathic practitioner who can analyse your hidden emotions well so that an effective prescription can be prepared.

Here is the list of some common remedies that help release suppressed emotions


Note: Consult a homeopathy doctor before self-medicating the listed remedies.

  • Opium: to deal with shock
  • Natrum mur: help to deal with unprocessed grief
  • Ignatia: for acute grief and loss
  • Staphysagria: to help express anger
  • Medorrhinum and Thuja: to help people who find change difficult move out of the negativity loop
  • Carcinosin: who cares more for others and have a tendency to sideline their own choices . also give them confidence to take decisions


For purchasing these remedies, if you already have a prescription,  you can contact us through our online homeopathic medicine store in Sydney, Australia.

If you still have any doubt or concerns, please feel free to drop me a message at [email protected] and I will get back to you soon.