Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism spectrum disorder is an inability starting from childhood to socially interact, communicate, learn or talk in a way that is normal. Including a wide spectrum, two autism patients may show different symptoms, hence the name autism spectrum disorder.

According to the survey of Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers (SDAC) in 2015 nearly 164,000 Australians had autism. This disorder is more common in boys than in girls.

Autism is not an illness or disease that has a complete cure. But, yes it requires management. Above all a friendly support from friends, family and physician help them to show progressive improvements and in turn makes their life easier.

Causes of Autism

Earlier it was believed that autism is caused due to mammography vaccines or a stressful environment affecting the psychology of a child. But now an increasing number of researchers are pointing to its prime cause to be genetic and environmental in origin.

Some of the common causes of this disorder are

  • Irregularity in brain development during pregnancy
  • Exposure to chemicals or drugs, etc
  • Previous genetic history
  • Infections or past medical history that has affected the mental development


Symptoms of autism

  • Trouble talking, reading, walking, writing or learning
  • Repeating words or phrases
  • Throwing  tantrums or shouting  when things are not their way
  • Likes to play with kids younger or elder to them and ignore children of their age
  • Difficulty in making eye contact, or using facial expressions and gestures to sustain communication
  • Make strange twisting and flapping hand movements when angry or upset
  • Likes only a limited range of food items
  • Lack of feeling or emotions for others


The symptoms are well visible below the age of 5 years and are the best times when the homeopathic therapy can help sustain the symptoms. We would recommend you to consult an experienced homeopath during this period, the prescription can prove to be the most fruitful.

Though, it is always wise to consult a homeopath’s advice at other ages as well if symptoms show up so your health is not further compromised.

It is known that certain adults may also have some level of autism but remain unaware of this fact and undiagnosed for a long time.

Autism and Homeopathy

Conventional treatments try to suppress the symptoms or fill up the deficiencies either by prescribing supplements, high dose medicines or sleeping pills.

They are not designed to activate the body’s inner abilities. Instead, a dependency loop is created whereby a complete cure is not guaranteed.

As a side effect these treatments in turn while treating the symptoms damage other cells, tissues or organs adding to more illnesses or side effects.

Now, would you want your child to suffer any more when he is already suffering from a  psychological disorder like autism?

Homeopathy for autism is very effective with its popularity going upsurge on showing success in containment of autism.

There are a variety of potential remedies available which can be linked to the specific symptoms and can be taken subject to consultation with a homeopath.

With the healing light of homeopathy, patients may start getting relief within a few days. But a complete balance may take weeks or even months or years. During this time patience and support is expected since homeopathy tries to relieve your child not a disease label.

Before self-medicating, we would recommend you to consult a qualified homeopath since by getting  your child treated under the expert hands he will get the right remedy, frequency,strength of the dose and improvisations as and when necessary.

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