Hair fall, one of the most common concerns today can make a person feel conscious about himself. Linking it to their physical appearance, men and women get extremely peculiar about hair fall issue. On top of that high dose, pharma can further deteriorate hair fall condition and make one feel helpless with seemingly no long term solution.

Medically, we term hair loss as Alopecia.

Causes of hair loss

• Internal diseases
• Genetic factors
• Aging
• Illness
• Trauma
• Hormonal changes

The process of hair fall starts with hair thinning and ultimately leading to hair loss.

Can Homeopathy Cure Hair Loss?

Hair loss is common and may occur not just over your scalp but also over your entire body. It is natural to lose some strands of hair daily provided the hair fall rate is equal to the hair growth rate.

The problem occurs when hair growth cannot keep up with the pace of hair fall rate. Ultimately hair fall issue becomes a concern.

As one age, hair loss comes off as one of the symptoms of aging. But while undergoing treatment for certain illnesses/diseases. sometimes this may happen almost abruptly

More strange is the fact that a growing number of teenage boys and girls are also facing hair loss issue.

Initially when people face hair fall issue, changing their shampoo or oil is the ultimate suggestion they receive from family and friends.

But through years of experience as a homeopath, I know people trying all these methods with no significant relief.

Homeopathic remedies treat your underlying cause of hair loss and help manage the condition.

To what extent your hair loss condition is curable, will depend upon the underlying cause. This also forms the basis on which your prescription is set.

Homeopathic remedies not only help prevent your hair-loss but also work on to improve the quality of your existing hairs.

External treatments as advertised today may provide instant relief but they may not be termed as a complete treatment.

Early exposure to treatments such as homeopathy increases the recovery potential.

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The genetic factors can also play a major role in male/female baldness. Having one or both parents with a history of baldness may pose one at risk of baldness.

But here also, an early homeopathic consultation may put them in a better position to get relief from the hair loss concern.

A homeopath considers various factors such as your family history, your personal history, emotional traumas, and likes so as to prepare a symptomatic picture and prescribe the best remedies.

One may also be suggested to change lifestyle, eating or any other personal behaviors.

On the contrary, if we ignore such factors, many times they may sometime act as a barrier to your healing.

For instance, if your diet lacks proteins, iron or other nutrients, hair loss or alopecia becomes very common.

As homeopathy treatment works from within we have to pay special attention to every minuscule detail to your unique personality.

Therein lies the true benefit of homeopathy.

Not only you will get a reduced hair fall rate but also get healthy existing hairs.

This all comes off as a side effect to the natural healing that is stimulated will all natural safe doses.

Hair fall may come off as a physical symptom to other diseases or it can be a disease itself. Some common hair issues are hair fall, baldness, alopecia, hair thinning, dandruff, split ends, and likes.

All can be managed through homeopathy, provided you cooperate with the homeopath in her efforts to locate the root cause

Sometimes a past history may also be responsible like childbirth, lactation, chronic disease, drugs, alcohol consumption, hormonal disturbance.

Then we approach the hair fall problem from a different perspective. So we may suggest remedies which can eradicate these bottom layers first through constitutional treatment.

Many times just working on with the bottom layer, solves the hair fall problem itself.

In homeopathy, you will find a wide range of homeopathy medicine for hair loss and dandruff, homeopathic medicine for hair thinning, homeopathic medicine for split ends, and a wide spectrum of remedies for other hair issues.

Some Top Homeopathic Medicines for Hair Fall Treatment

Here I am listing common symptoms under which these remedies may be prescribed. But keep in mind these remedies are indicative and do not in any way replace the personalized advice of a homeopath.

Fluoric acid

Hair Fall alopecia
Hair tangles easily
Are brittle
Easily irritable and angry
Better with a cold application and worse with hot application

Phosphoric acid

Due to grief
Easily stressed
Early greys
Thinning of hairs


Loss of hair in patches
Dry, itchy scalp
Dandruff in scalp
Fear in alone
Patchy loss of hair


Hair Fall on sides

Kali sulph

Hair fall due to seborrheic dermatitis

A yellow scalp that is moist dry and itchy

Thuja occidentalis

Thuja for hair growth is very effective.

Dandruff is white
Hairs with split ends


Lycopodium for hair growth is very popular for hair fall treatment.
It gives excellent results to stabilize the hair growth and fall cycle.
Very effective for male pattern balding.

The above remedies are some of the top homeopathic remedies for hair fall and show very effective results.


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Note: Do not self-medicate any of the remedies listed above . Consult a qualified homeopath.