Development delay refers to the delay in the normal development of the child than other children of the same age. Therefore as a parent, one should be alert during their first three years of age.

There are five major areas where a child may show a developmental delay

• Cognitive skills
• Social and emotional skills
• Speech and language skills
• Motor skills
• Daily activities

A developmental delay in any two or more of the above areas is referred to as global developmental delay.

Yes, it is common to see two children even of the same age to show a different development rate. But there are certain average time intervals by which a child is expected to achieve certain milestones.

If a child is lagging behind to achieve these milestones, one must consult a homeopath soon.

Sometimes there can be only minor differences which can be easily ignored.

But I would recommend that if you have even a slight doubt, taking a natural treatment like homeopathy can help him be quick and develop a right pace as required for his age.

Homeopathy for Learning Difficulties

With homeopathy becoming mainstream and getting widespread attention, it can be the best treatment for your child as during growth years his immune system is still under development.

Exposure to pharmaceutical drugs can disrupt their natural body processes and affect their growth rate. Thus doing more harm than good.

Compared to an adult, the intensity of side effects on their delicate body can be more severe.

Also, convention treatments  prescribe medicines on the basis of disease label.

While homeopathic remedies work to provide an overall well-being to your child.

Rather than looking at isolated symptoms associated with their delayed development, I try to combine them as a whole to come out with an effective prescription.

Unlike other treatments which may use chemical drugs to alter his natural biology, homeopathic remedies are safe and work by stimulating his own healing powers.

Now as his own healing powers work to stabilize his development rate, no side effects are seen.

Causes of Developmental Delay

There is no exact cause linked to the same but some risk factors can be listed out as

• Premature birth
• Complicated pregnancy
• Genetic disorders
• Medical conditions

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Top Homeopathic Medicines for Developmental Delay

Here, I have listed a generalized list of remedies prescribed in most cases but these may vary depending upon individual analysis.

Depending upon the areas where there is a lag such as speech delay, learning difficulty or mental retardation, a homeopath will prescribe your child with appropriate remedies.

Calcarea carb

Excellent medicine for developmental delay. It is given to children showing the following symptoms

• Fatty fair and flabby
• Obese with a big head
• Large belly
• Dull and lethargic
• Perspire mainly around scalp neck and chest
• Sweat may have a sour smell

Calcarea Phos

Helpful in treating slow mental and physical growth mainly in thin and delicate children. This medicine helps them in achieving developmental milestones as expected

Guiding Symptoms

• Late in walking talking
• Teeth develop slow
• Skull is thin and brittle
• Weak digestive system
• Colic and vomiting post feeding
• Diarrhea

Baryta carb

Such children are dull and slow in learning

• Fear from strangers
• May show retarded development after vaccination
• Sweat with an offensive odor


Though I have listed the possible symptoms which may in most cases match with your child symptoms yet  a complete analysis helps to clear the overall condition.

This way an overall improvement in your child’s health can be obtained.


Before prescribing any remedies, I make sure to analyze the following things in your child

• A review of his past medical conditions including his respiratory system, digestive system, sleep patterns and other health conditions which may be directly or indirectly related to this retarded development.

• Psychological or neurological patterns

This overall analysis helps me to prescribe with the most effective homeopathic medicines for developmental delay.


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Note: Do not self-medicate any of the remedies listed above . Consult a qualified homeopath.