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Heart Palpitations Treatment with Homeopathy

Have you ever noticed your heart palpitating when you are entering an exam room, ahead of an interview, making an important decision- most of the times, heart starts pounding , fluttering and beat irregularly.This is natural with most of the times heart returning back to its ...

Best Natural Vitiligo Treatment with Homeopathy

For exact reasons still unknown, vitiligo is a skin condition caused due to the loss of pigmentation which causes discoloration of the skin.Melanocytes are skin cells that impart color to our skin by producing a pigment melanin.When these cells die or are destroyed, the corre...

Homeopathic Wart Removal: Make Your Warts Disappear Easily

Warts or skin tags are unwanted skin growths which appear when your body comes in contact with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) that breeds in wet and damp areas.It may take some months before the virus starts working beneath your skin and start affecting the upper layers of the s...

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