Homeopathy Treatment For Vitiligo

For exact reasons still unknown, vitiligo is a skin condition caused due to the loss of pigmentation which causes discoloration of the skin.

Melanocytes are skin cells that impart color to our skin by producing a pigment melanin.When these cells die or are destroyed, the corresponding lack of melanin causes vitiligo.

Vitiligo, a non-contagious disease, is a skin condition that first appears in the form of spots and then later spreads in the form of  white patches

Though it can occur in any area of the body, the spread of these patches is more prominent in sun-exposed areas such as hands, arms, feet, neck, lips. It can also affect the mucous membranes

Some less common areas include hairs, inner eye and inside mouth.

Currently, no exact cause of vitiligo is known but there are certain factors which can make a person more prone to this debilitating condition such as

  • Stress
  • Sunburn
  • Genetic makeup
  • Autoimmune attack
  • Toxic radical
  • Nutritional deficiency


Natural cure for vitiligo- Homeopathic Treatment

Lack of awareness or perhaps a need to recover soon may compel a vitiligo patient to take conventional treatments which though may seem promising initially but may cause several side effects later.

The conventional treatments may contain topical corticosteroid therapy, immunomodulators, Psoralen Plus Ultraviolet A [PUVA], Narrow Band  Ultraviolet B[UVB] therapy, Grafting, laser, etc all of which have reported cases of side effects including an increased vulnerability to sunlight, itching, dryness, digestive issues, aging, skin cancer, shrinkage, sores, etc..

It is not only about the skin issues one faces but also the social embarrassment and disturbed psychological state that requires significant attention in vitiligo treatment. Unfortunately, conventional medicines don’t consider this aspect which in time starts affecting the patients’ psyche so much that they can lose hope.

Is vitiligo curable in Homeopathy?

Homeopathy brings re-pigmentation of discolored patches naturally

Homeopathy, serve as a natural cure for vitiligo as the remedies are all natural, safe and non-addictive.

Dilution and succussion are what makes homeopathic remedies free from any side effects.  

The re-pigmentation of the discolored patches is done using homeopathic medicines made from all natural ingredients such as plants, herbs, animals, nosodes, etc.

Though vitiligo is a skin condition which cannot be eliminated entirely by any treatment but it can be managed well under the guidance of an expert homeopathic practitioner.

So, if you have patience and want a long lasting relief with no side effects, homeopathy is the best option for you.

A homeopath base treatment by considering the following factors

  • Past medical history to see whether the melanocytes are being destroyed due to the disorder of the immune system
  • If you have a family history of this skin condition
  • What factors triggered up it in first place- was it stress, sunburn, chemicals, and so on


Also a homeopath gives importance not just on your physical state but also to your mental and psycho-social state.

During your consultation, a homeopath may also ask some other questions  which help her in prescribing you with the right remedies for maximum effectiveness.


As remedies prescribed may vary as per individual requirement,  we are providing here only a generalized list of remedies. Do consult a homeopath before self medicating these remedies.

Calcarea carb

Having a vitiligo condition whereby the milky white skin patches are surrounded by dark borders, Calcarea carb is prescribed.

It is a popular constitutional remedy given to patients with specific symptoms such as perspiration, intolerance to cold, getting fatigued easily, constipation and obesity.


Silicea is a popular homeopathic remedy to treat vitiligo  and belongs to a special class of homeopathic therapies known as nosodes.

This homeopathic remedy is very effective to treat deep-rooted fear and beliefs. Most people who have a fear or lack of confidence are prescribed with this remedy.

Also, the patients who are more prone to catch a cold easily can take it.

Kali carbonicum

Extremely effective homeopathic remedy. Used to treat a variety of skin, mental, digestive and other body system disorders.


This is a very potent remedy being  prepared from the cancerous tissues of the breast and is helpful to  treat the diseases at the genetic level itself.

Here,  by capturing just the healing powers the active substance the poisonous effect is entirely removed. This ability of carcinosin to heal the diseases at the genetic makeup level makes it a very potent constitutional remedy for vitiligo.


One of the essential minerals of our body is phosphorus and serve as a homeopathic remedy to treat a variety of ailments/diseases.

Apart from raising the inner vitality, it also serves to provide relief from the burning and itching sensation that might come up with skin ailments.

Nitric acid

Nitricum acidum is a very beneficial constitutional remedy to treat the vitiligo. It is also used to treat the bones, nerves, gastric issues, etc.

The above is the list of most common remedies for vitiligo and may differ for each patient. In that case, we recommend you to consult a well-trained homeopathic doctor who can set the right prescription for you.


Homeopathic medicines for vitiligo are all safe and natural, yet the exact remedy needed , its frequency, dosage required and finally the overall symptomatic picture can be well suggested by a homeopath.

So, before opting for self-medication do consult a well-trained homeopath who will best analyze your case study (consultation session) so that the doses are such that the healing time is reduced.


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