Homeopathy has always considered the treatment of a person as a whole is needed when diagnosing the health problems. The personality, body and psychology of the client are all of equal importance when treating illnesses or psychological complaints.

Homeopathy takes a holistic positive approach to psychological problems. The Homeopath  not only provides relief but also stimulates the client into being more productive in their own healing to better handle the stresses that life throws at us. The most deeply held feelings and emotions of people are of importance to the homeopath.

The vast range of human emotions like fear, grief, anger, indignation, guilt and remorse, loves disappointments, jealousy and feelings of homesickness can be successfully treated with Homeopathy.

Negative and destructive states of mind can also be successfully treated with Homeopathy such as anxiety, fear and depression, panic attacks, sudden shock, phobias and anticipatory anxiety.


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