Homeopathy For Alergies



Homeopathic medicine stimulates the body’s own defence system to cope with exposure to allergens, rather than suppressing symptoms. As in most homeopathic treatment, there are a number of treatment strategies that can be used to tackle allergies. Some offer simple symptom relief and must be repeated frequently, whilst other medicines aim to correct the underlying susceptibility to allergens.

Homeopathic treatment of allergic rhinitis offers a better promise. Many such allergies can be treated permanently, though it may take one or two seasons before it is completely wiped out.

Allium Cepa leads the homeopathic table in treating this acute phase of allergic rhinitis. It is highly recommended for autumn allergy conditions with the following symptoms: frequent sneezing, constant dripping of watery discharge which may burn like fire and excoriate the upper lip and wings of the nose. All symptoms are worse indoors; better in open air. It is also very effective in treating morning attacks of sneezing that come during the months of autumn.


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