What is Homeopathy?


Homeopaths can be known for their qualifications, competence, certification, homeopathic knowledge and their strategic methods. Homeopathy is considered as the fastest growing alternative system of medicine in the world.

Homeopathy has emerged much earlier than the pharmaceutical drugs, but they were not so prominent when they were not scientifically proved & tested. At present, homeopathy remedies are spread to all corners of the earth and become familiar to the public. As pharmaceutical medicines are strong dosage and expose to adverse side effects, Homeopathy has come into limelight in treating all physical & psychological ailments.

A Good homeopath deals with not the symptoms of the ailment directly, but goes to the root problem of health disorder and identifies the true cause for the symptom.  Once the root cause is identified then the homeopath can treat the ailment effectively. He has to make sure that his clients should not live on medications indefinitely and the problem has to be resolved at the initial stage.

Homeopath has to diagnose the symptoms of the patients in depth. He/she has to take into considerations of many aspects of the patient live in, such as environmental culture, food habits, past treatment records, physical and psychological pressures.

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